Snapchat Fitness

Instead of wasting time laying on the couch and randomly browsing online, why not check out some Snapchat accounts that will motivate you to work out. From looking at the snapchat forum board Dirty Usernames, there are many great Snapchat fitness accounts and some are extremely popular. Following fitness accounts is advisable if you want to motivate yourself to eat healthy and stay in shape. If you want to get an insight view of the way of life of fitness professionals, their workouts, meal plans and everything in between, then we recommend you check out the following accounts.

Emily Skye

            Emily Skye is a fitness model from Australia that is followed by millions of people from all over the world. She is very active and sexy on her Snapchat account, regularly posting her exercise regimes, favorite healthy meals, as well as things from her everyday life. If you want to check out some healthy detox drinks and get powerful recipes – make sure you visit her Snapchat account.

Beth Trueman

            Trueman is a personal coach, online trainer and health & fitness instructor. By visiting this Snapchat account you will get access to some daily workout tips and inspire yourself to practice and get in shape. Her personal journey in the fitness world will surely motivate you to stand up and exercise.

Joe Holder

            Holder is very popular fitness trainer and Nike Run Coach. He helps many celebrities and athletes stay in perfect shape. At his account you will find some healthy food and drink recipes as well as some workout plans. He also posts things from his daily life, such as his travels, photoshoots and personal sessions.

Anna Victoria

            Coming from the sunny state of California, Anna Victoria`s sexy Snapchat is filled with easy and simple gym workouts that anyone can do. There are plenty of great warm-up sessions, nice workouts and even nude cool-downs. She also posts photos of her favorite healthy meals and gives advice about quality places to eat healthy.

Calum Von Moger

            Those that are serious about fitness should definitely visit Calum Von Moger`s Snapchat account. Von Moger is a three-time Mr. Universe, proud member of the World Fitness Federation, and strong follower of elite fitness regimes. You can learn plenty of stuff from following him on Snapchat, see how he stays in shape and what he does to look so great. He also posts how-to videos and snaps, as well as photos from his daily meals.